Get On | Get Hard | Cum Money

Get On | Get Hard | Cum Money

Lookit folks, I’ve been in the Digital Marketing space for over 2 decades.

I’m successful, I know my shit and I know how to properly rank a website in today’s marketplace to wax the ass of any of your competitors…Big Time!


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Its all pretty simple, really, you just have to do the work! You just need to fucking pay attention for once in your life and perform the HardOn tasks listed below. We all know that Google is King and so we need to pay close attention to their prerequisites listed in Google's Best Practices, ensure all of their specific criteria is met and then Voila, you're fucking in like Flynn!

Google has already posted on their official blog stating that;

“On July 2018, we are coming out with an update called the “Speed Slap”.
It simply means if your website loads fast, it will get bonus points.
If it loads slow for mobile, you will be penalized, and they are serious about this due to the fact they are stating this publicly.


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  • A Faster Website is more effective!

  • If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click away.

  • Page speed also affects conversion rate.

  • Page speed is also important for search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Google gives websites that have faster load time a much better and higher ranking than slower websites.

When You click that button, HardOn Optimization goes to WORK!


erection-for-optimizationOn the back end, this plugin does GZip Compression, HTML Compression, HTML, CSS and JS Optimization, Image Optimization and Lazy Load Feature, JS Migrate Optimization, and even Query String Remover

But it’s not done there….

It also does Header Scripts move to Footer Feature, Auto ASYNC Optimization, Shortlink and WP Embed Remover, Comment Optimization, Emoji and Smiles Remover, and Leverage Browser Caching

Everything and more to make YOUR website FASTER!


  • Lots of larger pictures on a single page

  • Large files stored in website for download

  • Cluttered code

  • Website cache